Modern Gallery – the most valuable and richest collection of Croatian 19th and 20th Century Art

Collection and Flat of the Architect Viktor Kovačić (Masarykova Street 21) - the architect who advocated the necessity of contemporary architecture and participated in the construction of the Lower Town’s urban units. The collection vividly and clearly shows the 20th century culture of living and reflects the spirit of the times.

Contemporary Art Gallery Miroslav Kraljević promotes artists, artistic and interdisciplinary cultural projects, which use a variety of media, strategies and innovative work models, reflect the present in an analytical and critical way. The gallery is now one of the most prolific and popular contemporary art spaces presenting upcoming and renowned artists.

Museum of Contemporary Art.  What was once known during the time of socialism to Zagrebians as a part of the city called the “dormitory” is now the scene for meeting places and active lifestyles. The Museum of Contemporary Art, housed in the building designed by architect Igor Franjić, will delight you with its contents: the permanent collection called “Collection in Motion”, the attractive exhibitions, and also its atmosphere and facilities. If you yourself wish to be a part of contemporary art, go down the interactive installation -sculpture by German architect Carsten Höller called “Double Slide”.


Day 1: Arrival
Arrival and accommodation at the hotel. Visit to Modern Gallery in Hebrangova 1.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: morning city tour accompanied by a qualified tourist guide. Visit to the Collection and Flat of the Architect Viktor Kovačić. Lunch in the city centre. After lunch visit to the Contemporary Art Gallery Miroslav Kraljević. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: New Zagreb
After breakfast, departure to New Zagreb - Museum of Contemporary Art. After touring the museum, transfer to the airport and departure.