Zagreb surroundings are the ideal place for those who wish to escape the city for an active and adventurous city break! Experience countryside and mountains around Croatia’s capital on road bikes!

Žumberak- we'll take you along Žumberak Mountain, famous for its milling tradition. The whole range is very wild and remote, and only 45 min by car from Zagreb where often guests spot some wildlife, even bears. The area is a cobweb of perfectly paved roads that goes along the mountain range itself. With its untouched nature, dense forests, pasture meadows, fast flowing creeks, as well as archeological sites and cultural monuments, Žumberak has been attracting true nature lovers for many years. Small local roads will take us through many picturesque little villages, rural farms that are spread along the way, and creeks that are ideal for trout fishing. You’ll also have a chance to treat yourself with delicious, healthy food from the local traditional Žumberak cuisine. Taste cow cheese, sour cream, homegrown eggs and various specialties prepared for those gourmets who love home-cooked meals.

Pisarovina-Karlovac- Pisarovina is a winding road heaven. Imagine never ending wheat fields with stretches of small hills and ranges that will surely help keep your pulse going up. Couple that perfect ride with untouched nature, organic farms, carp lakes, and the sound of the ducks and geese flying over your head. Add also riding past old wooden houses and stopping to taste fresh local food prepared in the traditional way, and you’ll taste our tour to Pisarovina and Karlovac! Karlovac, also known as a town on four rivers, Karlovac is an attractive destination for taking a rest in its abundantly lush vegetation and beautiful parks. The surrounding area is also perfect for tasting the highest quality wines and traditional homemade food while relaxing in beautiful nature.

Lonjsko polje Nature park-Čigoč village- Between the cities of Sisak and Stara Gradiška lies the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, known for ancient timber houses, rustic lifestyles and – most famously of all – nesting storks. This well-known bird watching nature park will receive you with open arms, or should we say with its open fields, nice roads, and fresh vistas. The villages along Lonjsko Polje contain nineteenth-century wooden architecture, which is, alongside with the park’s rich flora and fauna, protected by the park. On our way to the nature park we will visit Čigoč, a small picturesque village famous for nesting a very large white stork population. Ride with us to rural farms and ethno museums of local traditional way of living. Get in touch with the original oak building without using any nails (try that for a hand!). Feel the harmony between nature and architecture, rich flora and fauna, and prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the region’s landscape – a perfect mix for a weekend escape to nature!


1st day:

Arrival in Zagreb, accommodation in Lobagola B&B, presentation of our city break schedule


2nd day:

Breakfast at the B&B, 8 h road cycling on Žumberak Mountain range, lunch included


3rd day:

Breakfast at the B&B, 8 h road cycling to Pisarovina and Karlovac, lunch included


4th day:

Beakfast at the B&B, 8 h road cycling to Lonjsko Polje and Čigoč village, lunch included


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