Green parks and fountains, flower passages and monuments... in the very centre of Zagreb, are a series of parks forming the so-called Lenuzzi Horseshoe. In a series of promenades, from Zrinjevac through the Botanical Gardens, to Marulić and Marshal Tito Square, you will follow the line of green areas and flowers. In their peaceful surrounding, on a bench reserved just for you, you can escape and take a break from your tourist itinerary, the beauty and open-air galleries will tell you a story of a very special city.

Botanical Gardens were founded in 1889 by a professor of botany, Dr. Antun Heinz. The main part of the Botanical Gardens is the arboretum arranged in English garden style. The flower garden was arranged in French style, with strict symmetrical lines. In the eastern part of the garden, there are two artificial lakes surrounded by cypress marsh (Taxodium distichum).

Maksimir Park, originally formed on the outskirts of Zagreb at the end of the 18th and in the first half of the 19 century, is now a protected monument of park architecture. Apart from Maksimir Park as a whole, numerous individual monuments of park architecture are also under protection such as the Gazebo, the Bishop’s Summer Villa, the Gatekeepers Cabin and many others.


Day 1: Arrival. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel. Walk through the streets of Zagreb, parks and markets, entertainment in Zagreb clubs.... Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Zagreb: city tour accompanied by a qualified tourist guide who will introduce you to the friendly vendors at the most beautiful Zagreb Dolac market, show you the magic of the Zrinjevac Park where promenade concerts are held from mid-April. After lunch, visit to Zagreb Botanical Gardens. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Park Maksimir. After breakfast, visit Maksimir Park. After the visit organized transfer to the airport.